Welcome to the Prepared 2 Reach, a community of expierenced trainers and development experts, that have the calling to prepare all type of mission workers for better service on the field. in our 6 month programm we look at your toolbox and help your to stock, restock and make better use of them.


We are called to missions, we are called to raise support, we are called to different countries, we are called to follow Jesus. The question becomes: Are we called to training? let's look a Jesus example; he trained his disciples before he sended them out! so let's prepare, and follow Jesus, reaching the nations!


Prepare 2 Reach team.


Program facilitators

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Main courses

Cross culture communication

We cover the basics of cross culture communications and we have multiple roll-plays to try out our new skills

Bible Old Testament

Overview old testament

CD Introduction

introduction on CD principals, together we think about the main rules to CD

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